Menu Keyboard Shortcut for using TrueRatingERP – GST Billing Accounting Software

Please find the following list of HOT-KEYS or Keyboard Shortcut keys or Quick Access Keys that you can use to quickly open any Menu item in TrueRatingERP – Fast, Easy and User Friendly – Simply Best ERP Software.

Shortcut Key Navigate with Hot Keys To (Quick Access)

alt h

Go to Dashboard

alt v

Go to View Created Invoices

alt p

Go to Create New Purchase Entry

alt i

Go to Create B2C -Retail Invoice (Name & Number)

alt t

Go to Create B2b  Invoice

alt a

Go to View, Update & Create Product

alt s

Go to View, Update & Create Supplier

alt b

Go to View and Print Barcode

alt f

Go to View, Add Financial Transaction

alt l

Go to View Live Product Stock

alt m

Go to View, Update & Create B2B Customers

alt n

Go to View, Update & Create B2C Customers

alt r

Go to Sales Return

alt e

Go to Purchase Return


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