Customer Feedback, Review & Rating from your Business

Here’s why should you take Customer Feedback, Review & Rating from your Business. You must also analyse the customer review or feedback.

  • This is the point where you can retain your losing customers.
  • Customer Feedback & review, Can help you to understand what are you missing in your business store or showroom or salon.
  • If you are planning to make any change in your store, Salon or showroom, it’s better to just get your customer opinion on new change.
  • Positive customer feedback or review, can help you to attract new customer through reference.
  • You should also share the customer feedback or review on social site that will help your followers to understand your business performance.
  • It’s also important for you to analyse and check customer handled by which of your staff are most satisfied or giving you good positive feedback.
  • Call personally and check with customer for each negative feedback.

TrueRatingApp can help you to get your customer feedback & review in easy and effective way. We are expert in customer feedback , review & rating.

Convert Walk-in Customer to profitable conversions (Buying Customer)

Never ignore the importance of your walk-in customer in your business, as today’s walk-in customer could be converted into tomorrow’s potential buying customers.

So How can you convert you walk-in customer to buying customers:

  • Give importance to each and every customer
  • Even during enquiry Offer them quality product and better service
  • Capture every customer details, TrueRatingApp is good tool to capture the every customer details within few seconds.
  • Send the festival greetings and Offer through SMS to each customer, here chances are very high that with attractive offer you can convert your earlier walk-in customer to potential buying customers.
  • Take his feedback or review about your business. Whether he/she like your service and staff performance. TrueRatingApp can help to customer feedback and review with less than one second.

You can download the TreuRatingApp from Google Play Store and the team will connect with to Activate your account.