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Over 90% of buyers or service user typically fail to leave feedback. In addition, customers with a negative experience are more motivated to leave feedback. What is your strategy for getting more feedback from customer? We help to make it 95-100%
True Rating App is mobile/tablet based app that capture a customer feedback in less than 1sec. It's output is gauranteed to 95-100%. It's so easy and user friendly that your customer will love to give you feedback or rating every time they visit your business store.

Brand/Business Identity

It create unique brand or business identity when your customer gives you required feedback in less than 1sec.

Enriching Customer Experience

Every customer gets a generalised SMS or EMail stating 'Thank you for visiting' as soon as he/she gives feedback in true rating app.

Awesome Feedback

With multiple feedback system implemented for your business or store. True rating App has four different type of feedback system.

Professional Design

The App deign is so user friendly that your customer can't leave your business store without providing feedback. it won't take more than 1 second to capture customer feedback

Personalised Dashboard

Help you to understand number of customer entered into your business store. Average rating of day, week and month and number of cusotmer entered into your business store in day, week and month.

Offer and Promotion

You can send business Offer and Promotion to email address registered through True Rating app.

About us

We help you know what your customer need and how much happy they are with your service or product. We analyse the data and provide it to you so you can check what % of customer will be recurring customer and how can you get more happier customers. We are sure it will help you to undertsand your business store performance and make any business decision for providing servicec or product that customer need.

True Rating App has four different type of rating and feeddback system, based on your business requirement and customer availablity for second you can use any of available option. We have feedback system which take less than 1 second, 20-30second , 40-80 seconds and 60-120 second of customer to give feedback. Each feeddback system will capture different setup of feedback information as per your business need.

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Easy and user friendly True Rating App design help us to get 95-100% feedback response from various business store. Easy Dashboard help store manager/owner to analyze feedback data and take necessary action if required.


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Start capturing and visualising customer feedback data from your business store through our True Rating App at amazing price.


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