Billing, Invoicing for Composition Scheme under GST Rules

A Composition Dealer cannot charge CGST,SGST,IGST on Bill and cannot issue Tax Invoice.

A Composition Dealer has to Issue Bill of Supplies in GST.

Tax is not to be shown Separately in Bill.

In Invoice, it is to be Mentioned “composition taxable person, not eligible to collect tax on supplies”.


Exemption for Small Amount upto Rs 100

if the value of the goods or services supplied is less than Rs 100,Bill of Supply need not be issued.

For the whole Day,a Consolidated Bill can be Issued.

However if Buyer demands bill ,then Bill of Suppl to be issued even if amount is less than Rs 100.

TrueRatingERP allows you to create Invoice as per Composition scheme requirements and with normal GST Rates, User can decide which format of invoice he want to use for his normal or regular invoice generation.

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